Docent Expectations

Our Volunteer group is proud of our professional reputation.

We maintain that standard by adhering to these expectations:

  1. Be a member in good standing of the Museum
  2. Devote time, energy and enthusiasm to the Museum with a minimum of six hours a month.
  3. There are many ways to volunteer at the Museum
    1. Floor, Desk, Education Tours, Work Crews, Receptions, and Computer related activities, etc.
    2. Investigate them all – find your niche(s)
  4. Continue to study and build your knowledge base of the collection
    1. Start working as soon as you graduate.
  5. Know the collection and plan the flow your tour will take
    1. But be flexible because the guest may have specific things they want to see other than your planned tour
  6. Always be punctual for shifts and meetings
  7. Always wear your badge when working in the Museum
  8. Find a substitute docent if you can’t make your shift. (red book)
    1. When you have a replacement let your Day Captain know
    2. If you cannot find a replacement, call your Day Captain for help
  9. Attend monthly docent meetings (third Wednesday of every month)
  10. Be professionally attired.  We do not have a uniform per se but there are certain standards to be maintained
    1. Clothes are to be clean, neat and well pressed
    2. No hats
    3. No shirts with logos other than the museum
    4. No shorts or beach attire
  11. Sign in with your docent hours
  12. Remember that you are a representative to the Museum
  13. There is to be a docent on the floor whenever there are guests in the Museum
    1. This is important even if the guests do not want a guided tour
    2. This is also important when there are too many guests in the Museum to give guided tours.
    3. We are there to protect the collection
  14. There is to be a docent at the desk at all times
  15. All docents sitting at the front desk area are to give their full attention to guests as they enter the museum
  16. Do not allow guests on the upper deck if there is no docent present on that floor
  17. Use our “Red Book” for Museum use only
  18. Voices carry in the Museum
    1. Moderate your voice when giving a tour
    2. Private conversations between docents can be distracting to guests
  19. Use your many skills where possible to help out in the Museum
  20. Know the leadership and day captains so that you are included in Museum events and schedules